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Contactless card payments have a new higher limit of up to £45. This is to help reduce transmission of the virus via keypads.

How Viruses Spread

Using a Facemask Safely

A Note about Computer Security

Unfortunately, whilst the coronavirus crisis is bringing out the best in most people in supporting their communities, there are some who are using their time in lockdown for malicious purposes. There has been an increase in certain types of malware including purely destructive malware programs and sites that exploit vulnerabilities in Zoom video conferencing. Having a reliable computer and being able to communicate with family and friends is essential in this crisis. Please be particularly careful and follow measures to protect your systems:

  • Make sure your operating system is fully up to date

  • Make a backup of your system and keep it offline or in the cloud (Android/Apple phones/tablets have cloud backup as an option)

  • Install anti-malware/anti-virus software

  • Only download software from reputable sources

  • Avoid "too good to be true" deals. Use Scamdoc to check the trustworthiness of websites and emails

  • Be careful opening unknown emails and don't open attachments. If you get an email about banking/policing/health avoid clicking links, but instead go to the organisation's website yourself.

  • If you are able, set your home router's DNS to which will stop most malware from being able to download to your devices on your home WiFi.

Jeff BB Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Covid-19 Deaths by Area (1 March to 17 April)

This map is divided into groups of postcodes known as Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs). An MSOA is a geographic area used for reporting of small area statistics. The average population within an MSOA is 7,200 with a minimum of 5,000 and maximum of 15,000 (ref)