Risk Assessment

Mileham Parish Council - Covid-19 Neighbourhood Support Group Management Committee

Risk assessment for volunteers and persons self-isolating

What are the hazards?

Contracting Covid-19 (the virus) whilst assisting/supporting vulnerable people and those self-isolating due to possible symptoms of the virus or actually having the virus.

Who might be harmed and how?

Volunteers (V), vulnerable people and persons self isolating (PSI) coming into contact with the virus.

What is needed to control the risk?

1. All persons either (V) or (PSI) to limit face to face contact with anyone.

  • If coming into contact with others (not in your household) observe all health guidelines published in respect of this virus, particularly observing the distancing rule of not getting closer than 2 metres to each other.

2. If handling any items that may pass between (V) and (PSI) follow the guidelines published particularly:

  • Wash hands immediately before and after passing any items between (V) and (PSI)

  • Wear protective gloves. This is important if coming into contact with surfaces touched by (PSL). Hand sanitisers are also useful at regular intervals.

  • Disinfect item if necessary.

  • If touching surfaces of likely contact with (PSI) do not touch your eyes and mouth and ensure your hands are washed as soon as practically possible.

3. Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze. Put used tissues in a bin straightaway and wash your hands immediately.

4. Inform someone of your whereabouts when out of the house and your likely return home time. Ensure you inform this person when you have returned home.

5. Any volunteer showing signs of catching the virus should immediately inform one of the sub-committee and go into self isolation themselves.

What further action is required?

Review regularly (No later than 9th April and fortnightly thereafter) in the light of experience and any new guidelines issued and update accordingly if necessary.

G. Brock

26 March 2020

Reviewed 9th April – no amendments. G. Brock

Reviewed 23rd April - no amendments. G. Brock

Reviewed 7th May - no amendments. G. Brock

Reviewed 21st May - no amendments. G. Brock

Reviewed 4 June - no amendments. G. Brock