Mileham Mutual Aid


This website and community aid initiative has been organised by Mileham Parish Council, via a sub-committee of Mileham residents.

The aim of the group is to put people in touch with each other - those who need assistance and those who are willing and able to provide help within Mileham during the current pandemic. It is important to recognise that with limited resources we need to focus on the most vulnerable people.

If you are capable of all normal activities (e.g. shopping, posting letters) then we'd ask that you carry on following government guidelines. As long as you are healthy, you are very welcome to volunteer to support others in the village.

If you :-

i) are self-isolating as someone in the household has symptoms of Covid-19, can't go out at all and have not found alternative means of getting essentials (e.g. on-line shopping, friends, neighbours, relatives)


ii) are normally dependent on others but, due to Covid-19, can no longer cope - e.g. you don't have access to on-line shopping at all, or the person/carer who normally does your shopping is ill

then please register using the link or phone number below.

Any help available will be entirely dependent on the number of volunteers available, their capabilities and even whether or not they become ill. Consequently, until we've matched the number of volunteers with those who need help, we cannot guarantee anything. If you do not genuinely need help, then please don't register.

The type of help that may be available would be collecting food and/or medication and delivering it as far as the front door, or being part of a telephone/email support group for people confined to their homes. We will not be asking volunteers to enter your home under any circumstances, and will need to ensure that appropriate hygiene precautions are observed. This protects you as well as our volunteers.

We do not provide medical advice or counselling, although some useful links to official web sites can be found on the Useful Information page.

Get Involved


In order to help support those who are in need, volunteers will be crucial. This will need coordination so that we can try and ensure that no-one is overlooked. It is also essential that everyone is kept safe by following the official guidance for not spreading this virulent virus.

If you would like to help in any way, please complete the Volunteer Form in the first instance.

Registering as someone who needs help

You can register using the Help Request Form. You can also register on behalf of someone else (e.g. if they don't have internet access). If neither of these options is viable, then you can ring 0330 159 6635. If there is no answer, please leave your contact details and someone will get back to you.

Keeping in Touch

You can keep in touch through a number of channels:

  • Check for news and updates on our Resources page

  • Join the Village Facebook and/or Twitter groups.

  • Consider using video conferencing and chat apps to communicate with others. Recommended: Signal, and Skype. Also Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime (Apple devices)

  • There is also a mailing list for registered volunteers.

Keeping Safe

Read the guidance on how to best support people safely and our Risk Assessment.

See our Visual Guides for volunteers and for vulnerable residents requesting help.

Further links and government guidance can be found on the Useful Information page.

Use the buttons above
or phone

0330 159 6635

Picture of the postcard about Mileham Mutual aid

This postcard was delivered to Mileham residents on 27 March 2020.

Covid-19: five steps to look after yourself and others graphic.


Mileham Mutual Aid is inspired by the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK community support network.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Mileham Mutual Aid is a Parish Council initiative, it is run entirely by volunteers and not medical professionals. We are all community members wanting to support the most vulnerable with errands, information distribution and emotional comfort. For up to date medical advice you should continue to check the NHS website for further announcements.

PRIORITISE SAFETY: Community care is about preventing the spread of Covid-19 and providing support for the most vulnerable. Before engaging in a mutual aid project, please familiarise yourself with NHS and WHO guidelines on how to support others without spreading the infection. Those who are self isolating can, if they wish, get involved in online or phone based organising.

LIABILITY: Mileham Parish Council/Mileham Mutual Aid accept no liability for the information or links on this website nor for the actions of any volunteers. We must emphasise that this group is only trying to co-ordinate a helpful response. This group cannot guarantee the provision of any services, as we are totally reliant on the goodwill of volunteers. Consequently, we are not responsible/liable in any way for ensuring that people receive services or for any loss or damages people may incur by volunteering or by using any service offered by the group.